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A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5, 2018

Many of us care, many of us remember and

many of us miss him and wish he was still here. Happy 85th birthday Norm.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

October 12, 2017

Missing our friend for Five Years.

So very sad. Glad to have the Happy Memories.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5, 2017

While we celebrate the fifth of his absent birthdays,

it seems like he’s about to walk in and say, “That looks good! You gonna finish it?”



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

October 12, 2016

Four years after losing our friend we still expect to hear him at the other end of the phone when it rings. 

The hot rodding community is just not the same.  We miss you Norm.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5, 2016

We are sad to recognize his fourth birthday without Norm. RIP Norm.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

October 12, 2015

Wow another year without the rod god. He has been missed at the local and National shows. We all miss his infectious personality. There was only one. A toast to you Norm.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5, 2015

It's time for another birthday wish to our friend Norm. We wish he was with us to share a meal, a drink and go for a cruise.


Sadly we recently learned of the loss of one of Norm's good friends. Ed Woodard passed away late last year. Ed was a great guy and a close friend to Norm over the years. Ed was a very generous and knowledgeable guy.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

October 12th 2014

Can't believe it has been two years since we all received the sad news. Share a toast to the one who was an inspiration to many...



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5th 2014

At this time last year, Norm's Birthday, we missed him alot. This year on what would have been his 81st Birthday, we miss him even more.

'Here's to you my friend...'



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

February 5th 2013

We remember and miss Norm on what would be his 80th Birthday.

Where ever he is, we hope there is a large supply of cold ones.



A Message from the DOMAIN KEEPER

Friday Morning  October 12, 2012

Norms News received word that Norm Grabowski passed away this morning.

We love him and will miss him.


A Message from the Domainkeeper/Webmaster

October 26, 2012

We at Norm’s News have received some questions and comments pertaining to our relationship to Norm.  We created this website at Norm’s request.  Norm actively participated in this site.  Norm never spent any of his money to make this site possible.  While this site has always been ‘owned’ by the Domainkeeper, for Norm it was always “His official website”.  We love Norm and had both a business and personal relationship with him (another place that celebrates Norm is the H.A.M.B...  Many who knew Norm spend time there).  With Norm’s passing, others are now active in “keeping his legacy alive.”  Norm’s News is pleased to see any positive discussion and remembrances of Norm.   A few points we’d like to be very clear on include: 

Norm’s News is not soliciting, nor accepting contributions or charity in Norm Grabowski’s name.  Sadly Norm is not here to benefit from that type of generosity.

 We will be buying a round, and shouting ‘NAZDROVIA!’

Attempts to contact Norm’s family should not be sent to this site.  To date we are not aware of any messages intended for Norm’s family. This website celebrates many years closely involved with Norm and all aspects of his life.   At the end we were not able to convince Norm to accept current scientific medical treatment for his illness.  We tried repeatedly, as did many of his closest friends.   

Over the years many people have sent emails to Norm at this site.  Norm did not have a computer of his own.  The Domainkeeper read the emails to Norm.  If there were attached photos, Norm would view them on a laptop computer.   The replies were all created under Norm’s authorization.  There were various levels of involvement by Norm.  Sometimes Norm would dictate a response for the Domainkeeper to type and send.  Sometimes Norm would ‘rough out’ a conceptual response and the Domainkeeper would turn it into an email.  Sometimes Norm would say, “You know what to say…make me look good” and rely on the Domainkeeper’s acquired knowledge of ‘all things Norm’ to respond.   While Norm may not have uttered every word that was sent in response to emails sent to this site, he was aware of every outgoing message sent under his name.  There are some emails that have never been answered.  There were times that Norm was undecided as to exactly what he wanted as a response.  If the email required a negative comment to be accurate, a response may not have gone out.  A question about a car called “the Porter” comes to mind.  This way of handling correspondence is quite common among celebrities and professionals.  Quite simply the Domainkeeper also served as Norm’s secretary and sometimes, as his ghost writer.   

When Norm’s illness was diagnosed he asked us to start a Facebook page as an extension of this site.  He had hoped to be sharing positive news and reports about his illness.  While his attitude was positive, accurate reports of his condition would not be very upbeat.  The photos of him as his illness progressed would not provide encouragement to very many who would see them. 

We knew Norm, we went through many experiences with Norm and we miss Norm.  His official website is a place for anyone who knew or wished they knew a dear friend.





A message from Norm,

A message to those with active skull orders, it is very difficult for me to talk right now.  You can leave a message and phone number on my cell and we'll be back in touch with you.

Thanks for all your interest and support,





I wanted to get a message out to keep my friends up to date with how things are going. As many of you know I’m dealing with some health issues. I’m feeling pretty good and am very positive that things will work out. I really appreciate how so many of you have been concerned. I even got a personal note from Jay Leno. Next time I’m in Burbank I’ll try to stop by and give him some tips on working in the entertainment industry.

I hope to be back at shows and catch up with all of you soon.

Thanks again,


June 12, 2012

NormLeno1.jpg (46209 bytes)


Another  MESSAGE FROM NORM:   What's a Hennway?  The Hennway is your chance to own a historic Norm Grabowski vehicle.  The time has come for me to offer my famous truck for sale.  It's no longer as nice as it was when featured in the March '74 Rod and Custom, but it's the real deal and includes the custom trailer I made to accompany it.  The price is $35,000.00.  Don't bother to look for a 'book' value on the Hennway, because it's not likely to be listed.  If you are interested, please contact me through this website.

Thanks,  Norm



Hey, we’re always gonna be under construction , but there are still things to see on Norm Grabowski’s official web site. 



Congratulations!  You’ve found my website.  Just so there is no doubt, I am Norm Grabowski.  That’s right the guy who made the Kookie Kar used in film and television.  I’m not a one-act show though.  With over 50 years of living in the world of hot rods and a few acting jobs along the way I’m taking the time to share my thoughts and experiences.   It’s not just a retrospective trip (some of which you can see on Rumpsville).  I’m more involved in hot rodding now than when I still owned the original Kookie Kar. 


If you enjoy this site I’ll be pleased to take the credit.  If you don’t like it I’ll tell you about how my friends urged me to do this (Mail the Webmaster).  I get mentioned in ink and other web sites but is the only site that I actively participate in.  Fortunately, I’ve enjoyed most of my life so far, so this should be an upbeat place to spend some time.



Some of the regular feature of this site will include:


My complete projects including: Kookie, Kookie II, the Hennway, the ’37 Puke Truck, Corvair bikes and the ’71 Thunderbird.


My current car projects: the Nash 'Fish' Truck, the Desoto and the ’32 Roadster.


A section dedicated to others involved in hot rodding.


Stories about shows and events that I attend and an occasional insight into my acting experiences.


Carving and sculptures.


I’ll take email questions too.  Mail Me.


Thanks for spending some time on this site.  I’m glad that you found it and hope you won’t be a stranger.



Norm Grabowski  

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