That DVD



I have an update to that DVD story.  On October 30, 2007 I was contacted by a principle party involved in the DVD and have been assured that I had been informed and gave my permission with respect to this project during a telephone conversation.  Apparently I did not comprehend the extent of what I was agreeing to.  I do not wish to have this grow out of proportion and am not contradicting that explanation.  I guess in the future I’d better get things in writing before saying, “OK”.  If I have wronged anyone I do apologize.  This is embarrassing, because I have made other arrangements to produce a DVD based upon my cars and life.  I remember the details of that arrangement.   

I really appreciate all of the contact I am receiving through my website.  However, regarding the issue of that new DVD I’m requesting that if you want to continue on that topic that you do so through this site’s Domain Keeper.  I really don’t wish to discuss it any further.   

You’re on my website.  You’re getting it direct from Norm Grabowski, again.   Are you still pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down? 


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